Mazaya is a non – profit and voluntary organization, was established in 2016, provides services to all destitute.


1 – To provide humanitarian and charitable assistance.

2 – Participation to alleviate sufferance though providing in kind  assistance to the poor Sudanese household.

3 – Contribution in relieving doomed areas which have been affected by social and natural disasters.

4 – To support scientific researchers in the field of social and natural disasters tracking and containing before occurrence.

5  To find solution for women and children current issues, as well as, advices for woman to handle well her lifestyle and household affairs.

6  To participation to raise health awareness and support for hospitals, Orphans, elderly, and people with special needs.

7 – To create and activate environment sanitation programs.

8  To promote training and educational services.

9 – Any other activities be compatible with the organization objectives.


  1. Dispatching campaigns in social, educational and healthy fields.
  2. Putting on the alert the voluntary efforts and broadening the popular participation in achieving and realizing the organization objectives.

3 – To cooperate and coordinate with national, regional and international organizations.

4 – Utilization of different means of media.

5 – Participation in international Conferences.